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The WSCAP Futures work has now expanded to include collaboration by the 54 Community Action Agencies in Idaho and Oregon as well as Washington.  A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the three state associations to work together to achieve the common mission:  

“To grow the impact of the Community Action network on individuals and communities by clearly demonstrating value through measurable outcomes, proven programs and validated research, by promoting a common platform for working collaboratively within local communities, and by creating a culture of innovation and accountability.” 

It is the stated goal of this work that by 2017, every Community Action agency in the three states will have the capability and capacity to rigorously measure its impact on individuals and communities and will be using that ability to increase performance and accountability.
This exciting work now includes initiatives that support eight specific goal priorities and has been endorsed and supported nationally as well as within our region.  Copies of the mission, strategic plan and all work results are available for use and comment by all members of WSCAP, Community Action Partnership of Oregon (CAPO), and Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho (CAPAI) on this site.  

Send any comments or questions to Jeff DeLuca.