Census Data on Poverty Released

Sep 13, 2017

Links to Reports Out Today:

Census Bureau Press release, here
2016 Income and Poverty Report, 
Health Insurance Coverage Report, here
Supplemental Poverty Report, here

Hi Poverty Data Webinar Registrant:

Today (September 12), the Census Bureau released national survey data about income and poverty, as well as national and state data about health insurance coverage.  As predicted, there was a significant reduction in poverty - by our calculations, the largest 2-year decline since 1969.  The reduction shows up in both official and Supplemental Poverty measures.  More work and earnings and the help of benefits like Social Security, low-income tax credits, SNAP, SSI, housing assistance, etc. contributed to this progress.  There are still stubbornly high poverty levels - more than 30 percent of African American children and nearly 27 percent of Hispanic children are poor, for example.  So we still have work to do, and it is still extremely important to defeat cuts in the very programs that are contributing to the progress we've made.

Here is CHN's statement about today's reports:  2.5 Million Fewer Poor in 2016; Biggest 2-Year Decline in Poverty Since 1969

Here is our First Look at Poverty and Health Insurance (a brief summary table) 
Please note that the official poverty thresholds (the dollar amount below which a household is defined poor, by household size) have been slightly modified from the preliminary thresholds we showed on a webinar slide.  The correct amounts are shown in First Look.)

Go here for a compilation of analyses by expert organizations, which will be continuously updated.

Look at this effective Tweet thread by Meredith Dodson of RESULTS.

On Thursday, September 12, the state and local poverty and income data will be released.  For a reminder of how to find data from the American Community Survey, look at the instructions on the slides from the webinar, available here.

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