Reinventing Poverty Solutions

Food banks, transitional housing, energy assistance—these core programs are a few of the building blocks helping struggling families in crisis stabilize their living situations. But Community Action doesn’t stop there. We are your partners, innovators, advocates and thinkers providing unique solutions to address the needs of our local communities. Some examples of our innovative solutions include:

·       Wind Energy—In Aberdeen where there is a perfect blend of land and climate, Coastal CAP has established a wind farm to harness alternative energy, provide jobs, and generate revenue to further their mission.

·       Veteran Services—To help meet the needs of underserved populations such as veterans, some Community Action Agencies have established programs to assist with veteran benefits, access to counseling services, and advocacy.

·       Social Enterprises—Through unique business models, some Community Action Agencies are applying commercial strategies to drive revenue for social service programs and innovative solutions.

·       School-Based Mentoring—When kids need additional support in school, Community Action integrates directly with local schools, providing wraparound services through family support and education programs to help students thrive.


Sally's Story

Sally Mary de Leon's world flipped upside down when she finally got the courage to divorce her abusive husband, leaving her with nothing but her two children and a mountain of debt. As a survivor of domestic violence, a veteran and an LPN who spent five intense years working in hospice care, Sally found herself physically and emotionally unable to work full time. "I carried other people's trauma, so it added to my own personal baggage," Sally said.

Sally and her kids were living in transitional housing when she took a money management class at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Women's Trauma & Recovery Center, taught by Judy Poston, Program Supervisor of Solid Ground's Financial Fitness Boot Camp. As a financial coach, Judy said she's learned from Sally the importance of establishing relationships when working with vets. "A lot of people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the most important thing is to not be time consumed - to be willing to sit and listen to their story - even if you never talk about finances the first two or three appointments. Building trust is huge," Judy said.

Sally agreed. "You definitely did that for me, because I wouldn't have been able to open up the way I did. I am very grateful that I met Judy and for Financial Fitness Boot Camp being available. She's very willing to listen and be open, and she was absolutely not judgmental."

Through Judy, Sally found she qualified for a continuum of housing stabilization programs. When she was granted VA Supportive Housing, "I needed not only help learning how to manage the money that I have and prioritizing what bills to pay, I was able to get help in a down payment for housing," Sally said.

· Sally Mary de Leon, Solid Ground Client


The Community Action network provides a number of innovative solutions through your local agency and across Washington State such as:

  •  Legal Assistance
  • Dental Clinics
  • Transportation
  • Offender Re-entry
  • Children’s Sexual Assault Clinic
  • Low Income Credit Union
  • School -Based Mentoring
  • Social Enterprise
  • Wind Energy