Life With a Positive Balance

Are you or your neighbors living in asset poverty? Many in our communities live paycheck to paycheck, burdened by unemployment, debt, or low-wage jobs. In fact, economic opportunities for low income workers nationwide have been stalled by the effects of the Great Recession. Census data shows that families in the bottom fifth of the income distribution scale saw their incomes decline significantly during the recession, by 11.3% between 2007 and 2010. Community Action is committed to improving the economic opportunity for all. Our network of empowerment services help people to achieve financial stability by showing them a better way to manage their money for today and the future.


Sheila’s Story

Sheila moved from Spokane to Rockford with her husband and kids four years ago and realized the area was missing a good pizza restaurant. She decided to start a business from the ground up. "I'd applied for a bunch of grants and was told that SNAP was out there and could help," Sheila said. Sheila met with Cara Weipert, business development specialist with SNAP Financial Access to talk about ways the agency could get FarmHouse Pizza off the ground. Sheila established an individual development account (IDA) that involved saving $1,000 of her own money over a six-month period to qualify for a business grant from SNAP. Cara also helped Sheila and FarmHouse with a business plan and promotion. As FarmHouse prepares to celebrate its one-year anniversary, Sheila said she is grateful that SNAP delivered at a critical time. "It's always nice to know you have support for your idea," she said. "SNAP provided that for me.”

-        Sheila, Client, SNAP (a Community Action agency)

Financial Solutions

Our Community Action network provides a number of financial solutions through your local agency and across Washington State such as:

·       Financial Education

·       Credit Counseling and Repair

·       Financial Assistance

·       Financial Coaching

·       IDA Savings Plans

·       Tax Preparation

·       Basic Budgeting

·       Micro Enterprise Development