Everyone Benefits from Strong Communities

Sometimes it is hard to envision a world free of poverty and hardship. Perhaps you would like to help others improve their quality of life or develop local solutions to local problems, but you don’t know where to start. At Community Action, we believe people thrive in communities with strong local economies. Everyone benefits when people invest in a connected network of local services. Join us in our community building efforts— we work to create opportunities for all and support sustainable solutions. In fact, did you know Community Action Agencies collectively invested $355 million into the local economy in 2012? Across Washington State, Community Action Agencies are providing incredible benefits to build their communities, from building affordable housing to developing social enterprises and small businesses.

New Housing in Kitsap County

After five years of planning and five months of construction, Kitsap Community Resources (KCR) celebrated the opening of Jackson Village, a new development for Kitsap County low-income residents. The 10-unit housing complex is located on the same property as the newly-constructed KCR South Kitsap Family Services Center and provides residents with clean, affordable housing and easy access to a connected network of services, from job placement and access to Head Start programs to the Women Infant & Children nutrition program available at the services center next door. For residents of the complex, this new housing community means stability for every family needs: a home.

Several families have qualified for placement and more families have applied. Subsidized by Bremerton Housing Authority's Section 8 program, Jackson Village residents must not make more than 30% of Kitsap County medium income ($18,333) and pay a monthly rent of $900.

Unlike emergency and transitional housing offered through KCR, Jackson Village provides long-term housing to residents and gives them the stability needed to make more significant strides toward self-sufficiency.

Community Building Opportunities

The Community Action network provides a number of community building opportunities through your local agency and across Washington State such as:

  • Financial Coaching
  • Short Term and Long Term Housing
  • Small Business Development
  • Social Enterprise